Monday, 16 July 2012

africa 2011 - random photos and memories

 Joseph cutting sugar cane for the little ones - it was hot day
and then it was rainy and cold again so we've put on sweaters and life went on...
being silly after lunch...
after dinner - toothbrushes were handed out and everyone had to clean their teeth
I found this one on my computer - too funny not to share - bed head after washing my hair the day before

first day
sunrise just before landing in NBO
digging, digging, digging an early.....well
I adore this sign
oh the joys of keeping track of days by taking anti-malaria pills
laundry day (almost) every day
Sospeter is so grown up now after two years!
sorting rice 20 minutes after arrival - because I wanted to and because I felt like I was back home - no need to unpack or get used to everything.
we have millions of tomatoes -yummy
meeting new friends
my first ever room which I had to myself!
Jeremy - our little helper at the down-farm
local people came to watch mzungus at work and they helped A LOT with the well
who cares about mosquitoes when you have this walking up and down your walls

Sunday, 5 June 2011


{my laundry basket - volunteers' dormitory on the background}

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I´ve forgotten

I´ve forgotten, almost forgotten how damn lucky we are.
but then I took my evening shower and I remembered.
I´m damn lucky for having a shower, for having it right here in the dorms, just few meters from my room, for having insane quantity of hot/warm/cold water - whichever I wish, for having it whenever I want.
I´m damn lucky to have water.

And I would write an e-mail to my parents or sis, chat with them on g-mail, skype, wherever...I would call them at night. I would talk for hours on the phone with Prince M. ...
How damn lucky I am to be surrounded by people who care about me.
I can tell them how much I love them.
I know that "I love you" is powerful and valuable, it shouldn´t be said automaticaly at the end of the phone-calls, it should be meant, really meant. And so some people don´t say it very often because they know it´s value and don´t want to waste it.
But it´s not wasting if you say it to those whom you love. And so I´m damn lucky to be able to say it, to have someone who´s so precious that deserves it.

I´m so damn lucky to have family.

I do have food, and drinking water, I do have money and lots of nice clean clothes, cosy room to sleep in...
and I do try to persuade myself that my kiddos are lucky to get three meals a day, clean and safe drinking water and bed for the night, I try to tell myself that it´s great for them to go to school regularly and have enough light at night to do their homeworks...
but it´s so ...stupid.
Every single kid would change all this without even blinking, just to have one more opportunity to hug their mom, to have mommy, just for one night who would put them to bed, just one more time..
no, they have three meals a day and regular schooling.
how damn lucky they are?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Friday, 11 December 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Saturday, 22 August 2009

aaaw memories

clean feet happy feet :)

monkey see monkey do

last week´s team


big game of Kenya

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

look at my africa!

Sugar cane
poor leopard - had to wait on that tree till sunset!
Sospeter and my sandals :)
safari boots for everyone...
run! faster! to the end of the world and even further!
keeping ourselves clean took up huge amounts of time!
"chai" - tea with milk - and grandpa from neighbourhood
Daniel and his blue "aeroplane"
Mercy and me, my little reminder about God´s presence..." I carried Lord in my arms.."
roasted corn (maize) was supposed to be delicious - I don´t know if it was or not, but kids loved it...

Lucy and me...incredibly cuddly and sweet

my shoes...came to africa, stayed in africa...