Monday, 16 July 2012

africa 2011 - random photos and memories

 Joseph cutting sugar cane for the little ones - it was hot day
and then it was rainy and cold again so we've put on sweaters and life went on...
being silly after lunch...
after dinner - toothbrushes were handed out and everyone had to clean their teeth
I found this one on my computer - too funny not to share - bed head after washing my hair the day before

first day
sunrise just before landing in NBO
digging, digging, digging an early.....well
I adore this sign
oh the joys of keeping track of days by taking anti-malaria pills
laundry day (almost) every day
Sospeter is so grown up now after two years!
sorting rice 20 minutes after arrival - because I wanted to and because I felt like I was back home - no need to unpack or get used to everything.
we have millions of tomatoes -yummy
meeting new friends
my first ever room which I had to myself!
Jeremy - our little helper at the down-farm
local people came to watch mzungus at work and they helped A LOT with the well
who cares about mosquitoes when you have this walking up and down your walls